5 Step Stellar Consultation Guide by James Gartner

Are you a hairstylist interested in building wealth through your consultation?

Save yourself years of trial and error and download this free guide that will have you earning some extra cash right away! 

5 Step Stellar Consultation Guide

"This is the exact system that our top 200 salon has used to generate wealth for our team and countless other stylists around the globe."

With this guide you'll...

  • Learn how to get on the same page as your client 
  • Understand their goals
  • Recommend up-sells 
  • Deliver amazing results that will have them coming back & referring their friends & family. 
  • Make more $

Doubled My Guest Ticket!

"I was shook by how easy it was to implement these steps and even more by how much extra money I was able to generate by asking the right questions. I now have to have all of James systems!" 
Cassie S.

What's included?

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